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Jackie Parkes Counsellor  B.A., Dip Counselling , Registered and Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Face to Face Counselling Birmingham available in Harborne and Quinton.

At the moment telephone and video link counselling are available due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

"There are as many nights as days , and the one is just as long as the other in the years course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy ' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness" Carl Jung


I have been seeing Jackie on a weekly basis for 7 months. Jackie provides a safe and welcoming space that has allowed us to explore my reasonings for seeking her help. She is very kind and gentle and has put me at ease during sessions that have dealt with traumatic issues.  She is an attentive listener and provides lots of opportunities for reflection. With this reflection we have been able to understand my issues more deeply. This has enabled her to help improve my coping mechanisms.

By talking with Jackie, I have been able to process somethings that I never got the chance to put into words before. 

Jackie’s sessions are not structured by rigid questions unlike some therapies.

This allows for Jackie to guide me through issues on what feels like a natural thought process. I find that this way has unearthed issues and reasons that I have never explored before.  Jackie is very helpful and accommodating for meetings. As someone who can find travelling stressful, Jackie’s location is very easy to access.

I am very grateful for my time with Jackie and look forward to a healthier future with Jackie’s help.

E July 2018


I found myself in an incredibly dark place for a lengthy amount of time and knew I needed to seek professional help. I have found therapy with Jackie most helpful, particularly being able to openly vent my feelings to her without judgement. This has enabled me to see a little clearer and gain some understanding about the roots of my issues. It has been refreshing to understand 'why' I do the things I do and 'why' I think in a certain way. Being able to look at things from a different angle has definitely made me feel differently, even after only experiencing a few sessions with Jackie. I finally feel I am able to use the tools and coping strategies in my personal and professional life. Jackie's calm and competent approach, together in a safe and understanding environment, allows me to just 'be myself', resulting in a place of sanctuary in which to explore sensitive and painful issues. I already feel I am becoming more confident in my own skin, happier about the decisions I make and optimistic about my future. I look forward to continuing my journey and I really appreciate Jackie's ability to listen deeply and to help me control the inner turmoil that I've been experiencing throughout this trying time in my life. I strongly feel that therapy has and is continuing to steer me in the right direction from a very lost and negative place. I finally feel optimistic and feel the work that we've been doing together has helped to guide that growth in a healthy direction. 

H August 2018


I came to Jackie when I was struggling with low self esteem, anxiety and depression. Working with Jackie has helped me to understand where these thoughts and feelings come from and how to manage them to stop them from becoming debilitating. The methods Jackie has taught me will help me throughout the course of my life to manage my anxiety and depression. Jackies manner is professional, welcoming and non-judgemental and provides a safe space to enable you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

C August 2018


I found Jackie when I was in a deep place of sadness, I had tried therapy a few times in my life however none made me feel the weight off my shoulders I felt walking away from these session. 

Jackie made me feel at ease, provided the right balance of listening and talking, compassion and patience. I would highly recommend Jackie, she’s made it so easy to confide in her. 

M   Jan 2018